Mature Students

Mature Students

If you’re an undergraduate student who was out of school for two or more years before attending Brock, then you’re a mature student.

In many ways, mature students enter the academic arena with distinct advantages over traditional students. For example, your work ethic is probably more developed and you may be better able to see the relationship between the work you do in the classroom and the work you do and the life you live in the larger world.  

Alongside those advantages, though, are sometimes a few challenges as well. The learning management system (Sakai) might be baffling, or maybe you haven’t written a paper or an exam in years. Finding a social network, which is part of the university experience no matter your age, can be tricky too.

A-Z Learning Services can offer you support for these challenges through one-to-one consultations and by connecting you with other mature students.

 For more information, email and identify yourself as a mature student.

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