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Foundations in Organizational Leadership

Foundations in Organizational Leadership (Executive Forum) was created in 2009 through a collaboration between Leadership Programs (Student Development Centre) and the Brock University Student's Union as a training program for student club executives members. The program covers a variety of topics in a condensed format with the expectation that further skill development will be pursued with the Foundations in Leadership series.  Additional "management" skills were also added to give participants leading clubs or organization a context for the role and function they are entering.   

Program Details
The Foundations in Organizational Leadership training program runs over two days typcially in early fall to help participants develop stronger organizational leadership skills to their club or student organization for the academic term.  As the program focuses on many types of  organizational leadership skills the relevancy to students in all sorts of leadership positions and functions is quite high.  Program content can be tailored to covered a range of topics that would benefit your student group the most.   To arrange for a consultation meeting please contact Rachel Crane at

Program Fees
Program fees are based on the length and complexity of the program and will be discussed in the consultation meeting.

Topics covered in Foundations in Organizational Leadership include:
Meeting Role and Function;
Stategic Planning;
Finances and Budgeting;
Marketing and Promotions;
Problem Solving;
Decision Making;
Listening Skills;
Self Expression;
Dealing with Difficult People and
Effective Group Skill