Why take Foundations in Leadership?

Why take Foundations in Leadership?

Proven Advantage
A head start on other university students by receiving the kind of training that employers offer their middle and upper management at a cost of thousands of dollars.

Skill Development
The opportunity to develop the attitudes, understanding, skills and confidence that make individuals stand out from the crowd and move to the front of the line. Research shows that while an individual's I.Q. and academic performance may open the door to their chosen profession, it is the individual's emotional intelligence (consisting of Self Awareness, Self Regulation, Self Motivation, Ability to Empathize with others, Effective Relations) that determines who will be the high achievers in any given field. The Foundations series is designed to foster development in the key areas of Emotional Intelligence.

Employable Skills
The advantage of a stronger employability skills profile. Employers have told us that our training makes a difference.

Personal Development
The ability to offer your loved ones, friends and colleagues, greater openness, self awareness and clarity of self expression. Graduates with this training say that the communications skill in particular (Bronze Level), have not only been an asset in their careers but in their personal lives and provided a fuller understanding of themselves. 

Graduates are given a certificate and lapel pin at the end of each level they complete and receive credit on your Experience Plus transcript.

Bronze Class

Students in our Bronze class