Student Leadership & Engagement


Feedback from L.E.A.P Participants 

“LEAP was an experience full of fun, information and interactive activities designed to make first year easier”- Julie B
“LEAP was a really really great program. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am really glad I took it. I made lots of new friends which will help me get more adjusted to Brock”- Paul Berthelot
“Absolutely loved it! I recommend LEAP to all first year students” 

“The whole time was amazing. I got to meet new people beforehand and see the school inside and out. LEAP is such a great program which you should not miss out on”- Tara Fox     

“LEAP was a fantastic chance to learn and observe the university ways. It is a great way to meet new friends and gain confidence” – A.H

“Receiving info on services and life at Brock was highly beneficial” – Kathleen L.

“LEAP is full of great information. It takes off the anticipation of things I’ll have to do during o week. LEAP helps ease the worries of people”

“Absolutely loved it! I recommend LEAP to all first year students”

“LEAP! I would recommend it”. – Erika Rogers

“I made a lot of good friends I think I’ll carry on to September and I learned a lot about Brock, plus I feel I learned a bit about myself.

“I thought LEAP was valuable, thank you for preparing me for university”

“LEAP gave me a clearer idea of what to expect in the fall” – Lydia

“LEAP was fun and entertaining” – C.K Woodhead

“LEAP was an amazing experience. It made me even more excited about attending school in September. Everyone should do it! ”

“This is a great way to learn more about Brock’s opportunities around campus and off campus. I had an amazing time and met many new friends! I would recommend this to every first year”. – Brennan Visser

“LEAP = Good stuff. Do it! “ – Cam Smith

But we don’t stop after your LEAP day! Each year we take all the LEAP participants for that year and create a Cohort. We bring this Cohort together throughout the rest of their years at Brock to re-engage and re-connect with each other. Our hope is that each Cohort will not only build their own connections among each other but will also offer opportunities to share and mentor furture Cohorts of LEAP participants. 

Participants from LEAP 2010

LEAP Participants 2010