Health Insurance

University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

When you come to study or work at a university in Ontario, you must have health insurance to pay for basic healthcare services and medical treatments.

In order to ensure that all international students have the appropriate basic healthcare coverage, Brock University participates in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).

The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is mandatory for all eligible international students. To be eligible, an international student must be registered in a full-time degree program. When an international student enrolls in a credit course, the UHIP premium is automatically charged to their student account and they are enrolled in coverage with UHIP. UHIP is also mandatory for eligible dependant family member(s) (i.e., a spouse, a common-law partner, or child/children) residing in Ontario.

Please note that dependants are not automatically enrolled in UHIP. To enroll your eligible dependant family member(s), you must contact UHIP@BrockU.CA . Dependants must be enrolled within 30 days after they become eligible for UHIP; after that time, a late fee will apply.

All international students who started in Undergraduate or Graduate programs in January 2015 will have received an email from 'UHIP@BrockU.Ca' with the necessary information and instructions to register at, create an account, and then to print the UHIP ‘card’.

 To find an off-campus healthcare provider that will accept UHIP, search to find the closest clinic, hospital or lab at

More About UHIP

If you have any questions, please go to the UHIP website at or email

Student Health Services

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Extended Health and Dental Plan - Student VIP 
(BUSU or GSA plan)

Comparison chart: UHIP & VIP

The extended health and dental plan (Student VIP) for international and domestic students is administered by the Brock University Students' Union (BUSU) for undergraduate students and the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) for graduate students.

There are Live Chat 'Question and Answer' sessions scheduled about the BUSU extended health and dental plan. Please go to for details.

BUSU Health and Dental Plan

GSA Health and Dental Plan