Celebration of Nations

Come celebrate Brock’s multicultural diversity!

Celebration of Nations is an event which highlights Brock’s true multicultural diversity. It is a remarkable event that showcases our international students' rich traditions and cultures in a market-like atmosphere.
It involves table exhibits with colourful displays, food and music performances that you don’t want to miss!
It is a great opportunity to represent and showcase your country! We need you to help us make it happen!

Our 2014 Celebration of Nations has attracted over 700 visitors! A big thank to all volunteer participants and great performers! We are so proud of you! At least 700 people have learned our diversity of culture here at Brock from the event. Your contribution made it happen!

2015 festival will be on Thursday, March 5, 2015!

We would like to encourage students from all countries to come represent your culture, history, people, music, costume, food; all the beautiful things of your homeland! There will be a display board and a table for each country and  our office will cover some of the cost for display materials. We can also help you with display board design.

Brock has over 2000 international students from over 85 countries! Let's celebrate our diversity together and bring awareness of multiculturalism to our campus!

If you would like to participate and represent your country, please complete and submit the Participation Submission form below. We’ll contact you with more details and helpful information once we receive your submission. We are also looking for performers, so if you play an instrument or have any other talent you would like to showcase, please submit a Participation Submission for that too! Thank you!

We have display boards ready for over 60 countries from our past years of Celebration of Nations events. Once you have submitted your interest in presenting one country, we will send you the picture of previous display board of that country for you to review. We will help you on updating the design if you need. Because of space limitation, we could only have 25 country tables. Sign up early to reserve a table for your country!

Celebration of Nations 2015 Participation Submission

We have received registrations for the folowing countries:
Iran, Mali, Colombia, Australia, Lithuania, France, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana

Thank you!

Tips for participants

Pond Inlet location map

Celebration of Nations 2014 photos:



Celebration of Nations 2013: photos:




Celebration of Nations 2013

A short movie by Brock International Market Development Office