Alternative Reading Break: El Salvador with Habitat For Humanity

Alternative Reading Break: 2014 application process is now closed.

When: Reading Week (February 15 – 23)

Where: El Salvador

 El Salvador is the smallest Central American country (population 7 million). About half live in substandard housing.  It is strategically located in the center of the region surrounded by Honduras, Guatemala and the Pacific.  The Republic of El Salvador endures many challenges. None of which are more devastating than the earthquakes and hurricanes that have a huge impact on the everyday lives of Salvadorans. El Salvador is also the most densely populated country in Central America. Therefore, the housing need is only exacerbated by the hardships brought on by these weather phenomena and further complicates the country’s continued plight to rebuild its infrastructure after a civil war which ended in 1992.  However, the people in El Salvador are as friendly as they are resilient. Their incredible spirit keeps them going and it would be so great to assist them in the transition to homeownership. Habitat for Humanity has been aggressively pursuing the goal of decent housing for all Salvadorans but the need is increasing year after year.




 How Much:   The cost to go on the trip is based on the following formula: 
in-country costs + airfare + “R&R”

In-country costs - approx. $1,100 (In-Country costs include accommodation, meals, ground transportation, and a donation to Habitat).
Airfare - approx. $700-$800
Both the in-country costs and airfare are eligible for tax receipts.

Rest & Relaxation - The “R&R” portion refers to the last part of the trip.  This cost is $125 and is not eligible for a tax receipt.
Fundraising is encouraged!

And maybe most importantly…….WHY?

A trip like this can be a life changing experience. It’s an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of development issues and to learn more about another culture.  You will be more than a tourist – we will be welcomed into the community by our hosts and introduced to the local culture as a guest.  There is no previous building experience necessary. However, a willingness to experience another culture as different and not inferior is a goal that we must all share. Only a spirit of understanding, cooperation, and a sense of humor are required components of this build.

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