Financing Your Exchange

Financing Your Exchange

Contrary to popular belief, an exchange does not have to be that much more expensive than staying at Brock. Clearly, it costs more to participate in the exchange, as you will probably participate in activities that you would normally not do if you stayed at Brock (travelling, applying for study permits, etc). However, an exchange is a cheap way to study abroad because you pay your tuition to Brock. The ISEP program exchange include paying Brock for your accomodation and meals – this means that you do not have these expenses while abroad!

Financial assistance does exist for students participating on an exchange:

  • Student International Mobility Award – Brock gives each student accepted to go on an exchange $500/semester or $1,000/year. Student wishing to receive this award must demonstrate financial need.
  • Brock University Exchange Program Bursary – Students participating in an exchange are eligible to apply for the exchange bursary. Varied amounts & an application are required. Please contact the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office for details.

As well, if you qualify for OSAP and the Canada Student Loan Program, you can apply for the term/year you spend abroad. The loan programs recognize that you remain a full-time registered student at Brock, which allows you to be eligible to qualify.

For more information on these awards and bursaries, please visit the Student Awards and Financial Aid website.