Frequently asked questions - CFS

Frequently asked questions - CFS


Q: Is there a fee associated with this Certificate For Success (CFS) program?

A: No, the goal of this program is to encourage students to attend those useful and free workshops provided by Brock to all students all year long.

Q: Is there a deadline for me to complete all requirements?

A: There is no deadline. You can use all your time while studying at Brock to complete all requirements to the certificate; however, you might find the information helpful to your studies, in which case you should complete the program sooner than later. Some seminars may have time conflicts with your class timetable for this term. But you could try to do it next term when your timetable could be different.

Q: What do I get after completed all requirements?

A: You will receive a certificate from our Office and an Experience Plus transcript from the Career Services which will indicate detailed information about which seminars you have attended and which volunteer services and hours you have completed.

Q: Do volunteer hours need to be done on campus?

A: Volunteer hours could be completed from any volunteer job you have done for any community service on campus, outside of campus, in the city or outside of region. You must provide a written confirmation from the service provider to confirm your hour of volunteer service.

Q: What kind of confirmation do I need for confirming my attendance?

A: It should be a written confirmation from the seminar provider or the volunteer service organizer. You need to upload it to the online Submit your attendance form. The file format could be: .doc, .pdf, .txt, .gif, .jpg, .png . If it will be an email, you could copy past it to a word file and upload it. If you have difficulties on obtaining a confirmation, you could still submit your attendance and I will verify them with other offices. You should only submit your attendance after you have attended the workshop. Not just after you have registered to the work shop.

Q: After I have graduated from this Certificate For Success program, if I will do something more to the Experience Plus record, could I have a new Experience Plus transcript?

A: Yes. After you have completed this Certificate For Success program, you will receive a certificate and an Experience Plus Transcript up to the date. If you will be adding more things to the Experience Plus later, you could request to print an updated Experience Plus transcript. It will be through Career Services office. It is just like any other transcripts. You could always request for an up to date record.

Q: How to check my attendance record?

A: We don't have an online checking system available. If you want to know your current attendance record, please email Arthur Chen at and you will receive a copy of your attendance record to date. Once you have completed all required components towards this certificate program, you will receive an email to congratulate you and give you instruction on when you could pick up your certificate and the Experience Plus transcript.