Certificate For Success

Certificate For Success

The customized Certificate for Success program offers students a chance to gain a diverse set of skills and experiences that will prepare them for success both academically and professionally through workshops and volunteering. The program is designed to address problems international students encounter when they first study or work in Canada and offers resources for individuals’ academic study and career development.

The program was created by a collaborative effort from the Office of International Services, the Student Development Centre, the Academic Integrity Officer, Career Services, the Brock University Library, Human Rights and Equity Services, and Community Services. The Certificate for Success program also includes 8 hours of volunteer work experience. It is a great chance to explore student life and gain community experience.

The Certificate for Success program allows participants to choose from either an academic or career stream. An official Experience Plus transcript and a Certificate for Success program certificate will be given to the candidates after successful completion of the 2 mandatory workshops, 4 elective workshops, and 8 hours of volunteer work.

All your achievements under this program will be recorded on your Experience Plus transcript. Once completed, you will receive a printed certificate and your Experience Plus transcript up to the date.

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