OAIE Session Proposals

OAIE Session Proposals


Proposal Guidelines

The OAIE 2013 Conference committee welcomes your session proposal submissions. The theme of this year’s conference is “Connecting, Sharing and Learning”, and we ask you to share your experience and knowledge in keeping with the broad theme of intercultural communication in our daily international education work in the following areas:

  • International Student Advising and Support
  • Exchange/Mobility Advising and Support
  • ESL Programming
  • International Student Services
  • Internationalization and Institutional Development

Proposals must be submitted by Friday, March 8, 2013 Please note that sessions are 1 hour in duration. A full range of audio-visual support is available. We encourage collaboration between universities, colleges and school boards. We ask you to consider what type of audience your session is targeted towards (e.g. length of experience that participants should have to ideally get most out of attending your session, type of institution that your session is geared towards, etc), and any audio-visual support you may require for your session. Please also give a detailed description of your session.

The committee will use the following set of criteria to determine which session proposals will be accepted:

  1. We aim for an appropriate mix of subject areas for presentations to cater to all present
  2. There should be clear practical application to all presentations
  3. There should be a balance between topics which are relevant to newcomers to the profession and those that experienced professionals will enjoy
  4. Each proposal should articulate the presentation goals and context clearly, in addition to the methods that that the presenter will use to achieve them
  5. Presentations should have a direct relevance to current issues in international education
  6. We ask any potential presenters submitting proposals from outside the province of Ontario to collaborate with an Ontario colleague, in order that the Ontarian context may be given
  7. Presenters are expected to register to the conference too

Conference Session Submission Closed

Please complete the Submission Form by Friday, March 8th.