OAIE 2013 Accommodation

OAIE 2013 Accommodation

On-Campus Accommodation at Brock University


Earp Residences offers up to a maximum of 250 single air-conditioned guestrooms. Each is furnished with 1 single bed, desk, dresser, wardrobe and telephone. One 4-piece washroom is accessible from each of two adjoining single bedrooms. An elevator is located in the residence lobby for convenient access to all floors.

Rate for OAIE guests is $45.50 (+HST) per room per night. You will pay when you arrive at front desk at conference services for check-in. The Conference Services office is located in Vallee Residance.

Map (pdf)

For reservation, please submit the online registration below. You could also specify the person you would like to share the bathroom with. At this point, we are not collecting payment information. A room will be served for you. You will pay upon arrival at Conference Services front desk at Brock.

Reservation - pleas register as early as possible.

Any special requests, please email Arthur Chen at: arthur.chen@brocku.ca 


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