1991 Graduation Rates

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1991 Graduation Rates

The attached statistics have been compiled by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities as part of the OSAP Indicators' project. The methodology employed involves the selection of all full-time, Year 1 undergraduate students in the Fall of 1991 who were enrolled in either a Bachelors or First Professional (e.g., BEd) degree program. This subset was then matched against the records for students who received a Bachelors or First Professional degree from the same institution during the seven-year period 1992 - 1998. For students who received two or more degrees in the period, every effort was made to use only the initial degree (based on the academic year in which the degree was awarded). Students not seeking an undergraduate degree (e.g., diploma students) have been excluded. The results are presented according to the starting (1991) program of study, using groupings developed by COU. For a number of institutions there are omissions in certain programs because students were initially registered in an undifferentiated first year Arts and Science program.

Table 1 Graduation Rates For Programs at Brock University 


Program Graduation Rate
Education 97.9%
Business & Commerce 70.3%
Fine Arts 69.2%
Physical Education 75.7%
Social Sciences 75.9%
Humanities 71.8%
Other Arts/Sciences 67.0%
Agricultural/Biological Sciences 70.7%
Computer Science 57.1%
Mathematics 66.7%
Physical Science 68.8%
Total 76.4%

Graduation Rates At All Universities