Scantron - Multiple Choice Testing and Evaluations

Scantron - Multiple Choice Testing and Evaluations

Information Technology Services - Scantron

Location: ITS Help Desk, Computer Commons, Scotia Bank Hall
Drop Off/Pick Up Hours: 7:30am to 10:00pm Monday thru Friday.  11:00am - 7:oopm on weekends

General Information
  • All Scantron forms must be dropped off and picked up at the ITS Help Desk
  • The I.T.S. scanning machine ONLY reads markings in PENCIL.
  • Answer bubble must be COMPLETELY filled in
  • Changes must be COMPLETELY erased
  • NO markings on the left side of the form where the registration marks are (black bars)
  • NO staples
  • NO bending of the forms
  • The Standard Multiple Choice (200 questions, 5-choice AE) Scantron Forms F-3567-BU are available to purchase through Brock University Printing and Digital Services, MacKenzie Chown G210, ext. 3207
  • Tests submitted without student numbers will NOT be marked.
Note : I.T.S. is not responsible for any results generated from Scantron sheets filled out incorrectly.
Basic Scanning Service
A request form for this basic scanning service, provided by I.T.S. for free, must be completed when the Scantron sheets are dropped off at the I.T.S. Help Desk.  The Scantron sheets are read, and the resulting raw data file is saved to a CD/DVD/USB memory key if one is dropped off with the Scantron sheets.
Instructors can request that the following reports be generated and saved to a CD/DVD/USB if one is dropped off with the Scantron sheets.
Class Response Report - provides a record of the students' test responses, sorted by Student ID number. The first line of the report is the answer key, correct answers are indicated by hyphens, incorrect answers are noted by the student's choice of answer, omitted answers are left blank, and incorrect multiple marks are noted with hyphens.
Score Distribution Report - analysis of how student scores are distributed; a histogram report option is also available from within this distribution report; also includes highest, lowest, mean and median scores, and standard deviation.
Detailed Item Analysis Report - provides detailed distractor analysis; includes reliability, difficulty or effectiveness of a question.
Please download, print and fillout the "Scantron Processing Request Form for Tests" and submit with your Scantron forms.
Get More Insight Into Your Scantron Results
The information provided in your Scantron reports includes all the empirical data instructors need to evaluate the quality of multiple choice items and improve the quality of items for future use.  Please contact the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (CPI) for assistance interpreting this information.

The CPI hosts workshops on the interpretation of test and course evaluation results as well as the construction of better multiple choice questions and the wide range of assessment formats and mediums.  A list of workshop can be found at:

The CPI is always willing to meet with instructors and others to help them better understand the test and course evaluation results.  Contact the CPI through their website