Printer FAQs

Printer FAQs


1.)  My printer is broken and in-warranty.  What should I do next?

Contact the warranty provider and see if they can help you. Be prepared to give them the model number and serial number of the printer.  If they cannot help, contact the ITS HelpDesk.

Xerox Warranty Support: 1-800-835-6100

Lexmark Technical Support Centre: 1-800-539-6275

2.) My printer is broken and out-of-warranty.  What should I do next?

If the printer is a low-cost printer, typically under $500, then the printer is not likely worth repairing.  The more expensive printers are typically worth repairing but age, performance and wear are all important factors to consider.

3.) What brands of printer should I consider?

Brock has a solid partnership with both Xerox and Lexmark and both provide excellent support & repair service.  We highly recommend both manufacturers.

4.) Should I purchase extended warranty?

Purchase extended on-site warranty coverage for higher priced printers ($1,000+) including colour and multifunction devices.

5.) Are OEM toner and Maintenance Kits recommended?

It is always better to buy branded supplies for your printer.  If cost is a major consideration, refurbished toner cartridges from OEM certified suppliers are acceptable.

6.) What is the best type of paper for a laser printer?

It is very important to use only "laser-purpose" quality of paper.  "multi-purpose" and "ink-purpose" use a chemical coating on the paper that rubs off inside the printer causing premature wear-and-tear on the printer.  Additionally, 24lb paper works better than 20lb paper and will cause fewer paper jams.


Please feel free to call the HelpDesk at ext. 4357 if you require additional information.