Printer Support and Recommendations

Printer Support and Recommendations

XEROX -MFD Support

The Campus fleet of XEROX-MFD copiers are covered under a service and warranty contract with its supplier.

For any ‘error-messages or hardware issues’, please contact XEROX directly.  

To Place a Service Call - 1-855-391-0670
To Place a Supplies Order - X3207 - (905-688-5550)
Please provide the Serial-Number information – XEH800123

For configuration and setup issues pertaining to the Copy, Print, Scan or Fax functions, please contact the Help Desk

For any issues related to PIN# ID’s and Copy/Print Accounting, please contact Printing Services @ X3207

Printer Recommendations

Choosing the "right" office printer can be a difficult process.  To help you select the right printer for your needs, we provide the following resources:

Printer Selection Considerations

Printer Model Recommendations and Pricing

Printer FAQs

XEROX Tips & Tricks

These recommendations are for Workgroup-Class-Network printers (multiple users) only. Our recommendations do not include personal USB printers. Lower cost printers traditionally carry much higher operational costs and are therefore recommended for very low-usage applications only.

If you need help deciding on a printing system please contact our Help Desk Support staff @ X4357.