FTP Clients (FTP Access to Spartan and Badger)

FTP Clients (FTP Access to Spartan and Badger)

An FTP client is used to securely access a shared drive (for students it will be the X: drive) from an external location.

Core FTP (Windows) | OneButton FTP (Macintosh)


Core FTP LE Setup

A free client that Brock recommends is Core FTP LE which can be downloaded from various locations.

Click here to go to the download page.

After downloading and installing the client, you will open the client and will be prompted with a Site Manager page and will be required to fill in the information given.

  • For Host/IP/URL, enter the appropriate server:
    • Students will use badger.ac.brocku.ca
    • Faculty/Staff will use spartan.ac.brocku.ca
  • For the Username, enter your given brock username. Students will use their email login (eg. aa99aa)
  • You will then be required to enter your paassword. The password used will be your Brock Portal (my.brocku.ca) password
  • Under the Connection dropbox, you will need to change the field to 'AUTH SSL'
  • Click here for an image of what the Site Manager screen should look like

Upon completion of completing this form. Click the 'Connect' button. If the connection is successful, you will get a Certificate Information dialog box. Select the 'Accept Once' button and you will have access to the share drive.

OneButton FTP

On Mac OSX download OneButton FTP from www.onebutton.org and install on your home computer.

  • After downloading OneButton FTP, run the software
  • Select the New button
  • Students will enter the address badger.ac.brocku.ca
  • Faculty/staff will enter the address spartan.ac.brocku.ca
  • Enter your Brock Portal username and password
  • Select TLS/SSL (common) for SSL
  • Enter a name for the site that you will easily recognize

Double click on the connection you have just created. Drag and drop files between your X Drive and your home computer. The Queue pane will show your transfers in queue. When you're done, click the green arrow in the button left to complete the transfers.