Internet Access in Residence

Internet Access in Residence

Required Equipment for Wired Connections

Note: Students in DeCew, Quarryview and Village residences will be using a wireless connection. Click here for help connecting to the wireless network.

  1. Desktop or laptop with Ethernet card

  2. Ethernet patch cable—10/100BaseT, RJ45/RJ45 (can be purchased at the Brock Campus Store)

Follow these steps

*** You will require a valid Brock Campus Account (i.e. xx64xx). To reset your password visit a computer lab and go to and click on the link "Forget your student password?" or "I am a new/returning student"

  1. Connect your Ethernet cable to the Ethernet card installed in the computer and to the network jack on the wall.

  2. Turn on your computer and open your browser of choice, i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Go to any webpage (e.g. ) and you will be automatically redirected to the Brock University Network Registration page.

  3. Follow the steps to get registered on the network.

*** Although you may have an antivirus program installed on your computer, some are installed as trial versions which can expire in a few months. However, DO NOT install two antivirus programs as they will conflict.


If you are unable to connect you may have software and/or hardware issues. Please try the following:

* Ensure that your Ethernet cable is plugged snuggly into the proper wall jack (not the Phone jack).

* It is not advisable to run your machine without an antivirus program.

* If your housemate has a working connection, try plugging in your computer into their Ethernet jack. Broken jacks and wall plates may be reported to Telecommunication and Network Services x 4677.

* Check your network settings:

  1. In Windows XP/2000: Go to the Control Panel and click Network Connections
    In Windows Vista/7/8: Go to the Control Panel and click Network and Sharing Center. Select "Manage network Connections"

  2. Right-click Local Area Connection and

  3. Select Properties

  4. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) or (TCP/IPv4)

  5. Click on Properties

  6. Make sure that the following are selected:

    • Obtain an IP address automatically

    • Obtain DNS server address automatically

  7. Click on OK

  8. Click on OK/Close

  9. Try registering on the network

For assistance contact the Computer Commons HelpDesk at ext. 4677