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Film Photography Darkroom

Working in the Visual Arts Department darkroom requires that you complete a darkroom safety and conduct session and complete an on-line quiz which will be launched in summer 2014. This page hosts the following resources:

~ Darkroom Safety/Procedure Manual
~ MSDS chemical information
~ a safety quiz you must complete as part of your orientation (to be launched summer 2014)
~ afterhour darkroom access information

Darkroom Safety/Procedure Manual:

The content of your training session is based on the Visual Arts Department Darkroom Safety/Procedure Manual. This manual outlines all specific processes which you will engage in while working in the darkroom and its main focus is on the use, cleanup and management of photographic chemicals. Students are required to read and be familiar with all of the information in this document in order to work in the darkroom.  

Click HERE to download the Visual Arts Department Darkroom Conduct & Safety Guide.

Material Safety Data Sheets:

All of the chemicals you will use in the darkroom have corresponding Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS sheets) which specify all the pertinent information of each chemical, the various risks of exposure and proper handling procedures. The MSDS sheets are part of the province of Ontario's hazardous materials safety regulations known as the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. The following links describe the WHMIS system and  to each chemical you will use and you must be familiar with the information of each item:

Click HERE to learn about the Province of Ontario's WHMIS.
Click HERE to visit Brock Health & Safety page.
Click HERE to view the MSDS sheet for Film Developer.
Click HERE to view the MSDS sheet for Paper Developer.
Click HERE to view the MSDS sheet for Stop Bath.
Click HERE to view the MSDS sheet for Fixer.
Click HERE to view the MSDS sheet for Fixer Remover.
Click HERE to view the MSDS sheet for Wetting Agent.

Visual Arts Department Darkroom/Procedure safety quiz:

Please visit us again summer 2014 to view this.

After hours access to the darkroom:

Regular daytime access into the 573 Glenridge building is:
Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 11:00 pm.

The alarm on the external doors is set at 11:00 pm and on weekends. In order to get into the building after hours, students must call campus security at ext. 3200 to ask security to send an officer to unlock/disarm the doors. Students must always have their student cards available for the officer(s) so they can cross-check the names on the class lists to verify authenticity.

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