Philosophy Graduate Course Offerings

Faculty of Humanities

Philosophy Graduate Course Offerings

Graduate Courses 2013-2014

Fall 2013

PHIL 5P15 D2: Heidegger
Dr. R. Singh

PHIL 5V09 D2: 2013-2014: Deleuze
Dr. R. Dalvi

PHIL 5V39 D2: 2013-2014: Bhagavad Gita
Dr. R. Brown

Winter 2014

PHIL 5P05 D3: Nietzsche
Dr. C. Daigle

PHIL 5P07 D3: Husserl and Transcendental Phenomenology
Dr. R. Kaushik

PHIL 5V00 D3: 2013-2014: French Feminism
Dr. A. Colman

PHIL 5V21 D3: 2013-2014: Yogacara and Phenomenology
Dr. W. Chan

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