Brock Music Graduates speak:

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Brock Music Graduates speak:

"I was completely inspired by the talented students and faculty in the department. I was introduced to music that I had never heard before, and I was able to take classes that piqued my interest. The small class sizes meant that the professors knew their students by name and took a genuine interest in our success. Whether it was a conversation in the hallway or a meeting, they wanted to make sure that we were on track with our studies and what we wanted to accomplish."
                              - Mallory Warkentin (BA Music, Brock, 2010),
                                 co-owner of Major Progressions Music Therapy
"Being given the opportunity to teach and share my passion for music with others has been an absolute dream.  I have told all of my students about the music program at Brock University... The faculty is extremely dedicated, devoted and involved in their teaching practice and professional performances.  They not only give clear lectures outlining the necessary skills needed to perform as a professional, but allow us to see how this is done by performing on a regular basis.  Through their strong example, I am proud to say that after less than three years of teaching, I am the Curriculum Leader of Music and Arts at my school."
                                 -Laura Reeder (BMus, Brock, 2007),
                                  West Hill Collegiate Institute  

"I can honestly say that my experience in Music at Brock changed my life.  The courses offered, coupled with the intimate class settings, allowed me to nurture my special interests in music history and theory, and the professors there encouraged me to explore areas of music research that I had never even considered in the past."
                        -Bettina Ryan (BA Music, Brock, 2005), 
                         PhD graduate in musicology, University of Toronto
"Brock was a fantastic choice for my music education…I enjoyed learning and studying the various aspects of classical music, as well as performing in the University Chamber Choir. The professors were attentive and knowledgeable, and I particularly enjoyed the smaller class sizes, as they allowed more interaction with my colleagues and professors."
                          -James Gizzie (BA Music, Brock, 2010), 
                          winner of 2 Niagara Music Awards with his band,
                          The Roxwells


Brock Convocation ceremony
Brock Convocation ceremony

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