Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts

Faculty of Humanities

Studies in Comparative Literatures and Arts

Alumni Testimonials

Monica Dufault

Class of 2011

"The opportunity to talk with students and faculty from widely varying disciplines allowed me to gain new perspectives and to encounter schools of thought previously unknown to myself."


Elizabeth D'Angelo

Class of 2011

"the Faculty of Humanities at Brock University created
an exceptional learning environment that was rigorous
and challenging in nature, as well as supportive and
encouraging of each student's personal research

Miranda Baird

Class of 2011

"freedom to break down barriers, the freedom to collaborate and the freedom to enrich ones research and awareness of topics from a variety of perspectives."


Melissa La Porte

Class of 2010

"My own experience was supportive and
productive and allowed for a truly interdisciplinary


Adam Richards

Class of 2010

"SCLA, with its wide-view approach to literature and
the arts, perfectly prepared me for my PhD in Humanities.
I was able to find the common territory of poetry and
philosophy which makes up the field of my life's work. I
recommend it to any student with similar interests. There
are few other programs available that compare to it."


Alex Jankovic

Class of 2009

"a first tier choice for those of us who wish to introduce
new ideas in well-established academic fields.”


Jonathan Allan

Class of 2007

"Brock's program in Comparative Literature is one of the
best program in Comparative Literature in Canada
because of its commitment to interdisciplinary and
intercultural teaching and research. I am confident that
any student interested in Comparative Literature would
feel at home in the SCLA program because of its
commitment to student mentorship."

Current Student


Heidi Horvath

Current Student

"On a personal note, my studies have also provided me with a great philosophical basis for understanding the world and life itself. SCLA has truly been an enriching experience for me.”


Major Research Papers Completed

MA Thesis Completed

Some graduates from the M.A. in Comparative Literatures and Arts have chosen to continue their graduate studies in the following programs:

  • Ph.D. in English (Carleton University and University of Ottawa)
  • Ph.D. in Comparative Literature
    • University of Western Ontario (with an OGS)
    • University of Toronto (fully funded by SSHRC)
  • Ph.D. in Cultural Studies at Trent University
  • Ph.D. in Humanities at York University
  • M.A. in Art and Visual Culture at the University of Guelph
  • M.A. in Popular Culture, Brock University
  • M.A. in Women's Studies at the University of Western Ontario
  • Teacher's College
  • OISE at the University of Toronto
  • Brock University

Some graduates have commented on other advantages of having taken the M.A., in that it further enhanced their development in their fields of employment:

  • Teaching performing arts at the university level
  • Writing, directing and acting in theatre with new theoretical perspectives
  • Teaching assistant in English at Brock University
  • Museum educator at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, ON
  • Freelance photographer
  • Freelance translator