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About the Centre

Welcome to the Centre for Liberal Arts

The Centre for Liberal Arts (LART) offers a program of interdisciplinary courses focused in the humanities but also connecting with the social sciences and natural sciences. The program seeks to develop the skills and habits of inquiry, analysis, argument and expression needed for a rigorous treatment of these diverse subjects. We emphasize learning in seminar discussions and other interactive settings whenever possible.

We want our students to get the best education possible. Our honours students are required to take a double major. The reason is that LART offers breadth in learning, and, while we think this is important, we also want our students to have a disciplinary focus. Students have a great deal of choice in their second major. Common majors combinations include Classics, Dramatic Arts, English, History, Philosophy, and Political Science, but almost any combination is possible. Some students have even done second majors in Business or Physics. Professors have backgrounds in many disciplines, including Business, Drama, Earth Sciences, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, and Visual Arts.

Liberal Arts has a long history at Brock University. It began over 25 years ago and has also been called the Liberal Studies (LBST) and Great Books/Liberal Studies (GBLS) program. The Program's graduates have gone on to careers in law, education, government service, private business, as well as a variety of professional and graduate programs at other universities.