Faculty of Humanities


INTC-Related Research, Presentations and Publications by Members of the INTC Program Committee

Professor D. Yeager-Woodhouse

  • Working with Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs): Assessing Learner Needs and Designing Individually Tailored Programs. Health Canada: Ottawa (in press). This Health Canada manual (approx. 80 pages) is a guide to effective intercultural contact and communication pratices; it will appear in both English and French, and will be disseminated to all Schools/Faculties of Nursing at Canadian Universities and Hospital/Practice settings across Canada.

Professor J. Sivell

  • Distance Learning: Promoting Language-Intensive Online Interaction (2008) – Citizenship and Immigration Canada Conference, Niagara Falls, March.
  • Success for LINC Learners: A Multi-Factored Challenge (R. Aziz, P. Baron, H. Kizyma, M. Momi, C. Sivell, J. Sivell & K. Sow) (2007) – TESL Ontario Conference, Toronto, November.
  • Stereotyping: How Can TESL Methodology Benefit from Information About Intercultural Contact and Communication? (H. P. Sin and J. Sivell) (2007) – TESL Ontario Conference, Toronto, November.
  • Introduction to Intercultural Communication for EFL Teachers (2007) – Thailand TESOL and Pan-Asian Consortium Conference, Bangkok, January (Featured Speaker).