Intercultural Studies

Faculty of Humanities

Intercultural Studies


The Centre for Intercultural Studies offers an interdisciplinary Minor program, which can be combined with a Major of the student's choice. As well, a non-credit optional Internship in Intercultural Studies (INTC 3N01) is available.

With a special emphasis on language, narrative, history, philosophy and the arts, the program explores principles, mechanisms and instances of intercultural contact and communication in national or transnational settings. Students of Intercultural Studies examine ways in which similarities and differences in beliefs, values, norms, practices and aspirations illuminate not only cultural variations but also relations among individuals and groups.

The program recommends that students consider gaining experience abroad, normally in year 3. The International Field Research Project (INTC 3P91) is an optional course specifically designed for completion while abroad. The Office of International Services also facilitates formal exchange programs with numerous countries; see the International Study and Exchange entry for more information. Moreover, additional international exchange opportunities are offered through the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

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