Who is the ESA?

Faculty of Humanities

Who is the ESA?

The ESA has three levels of membership, and every English student is a part of least one!

General Membership:

Every English major or minor is a member of the ESA, welcome at all events, eligible for the Book Prize and a beneficiary of all ESA fundraising.

Anyone can be a committee member; if you would like to be, please contact us at Brocku.ESA@gmail.com  Committee members are those wonderful people who volunteer themselves, their time, and their creativity to help make our events the successes they always are.  Commitment at this level is up to the volunteer, and based on individual course loads and other extra-curricular involvements.  Help is always appreciated.  All volunteer work can be tracked on your Experience Plus transcript. For more information on Experience Plus please visit: www.brocku.ca/career-services/students-alumni/plus-programs/experience-plus.


The Executive, consisting of a President and a team of Vice-Presidents, are members of the Committee as well.  However, they not only help to run events, they plan them too.  The Executive has access to faculty, staff, equipment, funds, and are the ones making the final decisions for the association, with input from the Committee and those exercising their General ESA Membership.

Involvement and input is possible at every level through open meetings and also filling out surveys at events or online at the end of each semester.

Executive 2014-2015

President - Kaitlyn Daw
VP Finance and Administration - William Genik
VP Marketing and Communications - Madison Brant
VP Student Outreach and Volunteer Coordination - Vanja Trivanovic


photo of ESA executive

ESA Executive 2014-2015

Departmental Events

SSHRC Information Session
October 6, 2015 - 3:30pm - 4:30pm
OGS Information Session
October 1, 2015 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm