Theatre Praxis

Faculty of Humanities: Department of Dramatic Arts

Theatre Praxis

The practice and analysis of theatre and performance.

As well as receiving an introduction to the foundations of all areas of study in the program, students in the Praxis Concentration examine various relationships between performance theory and performance practice. Emphasis is placed on the ability to think, write and speak critically about the cultural, historical and material relations of theatre and performance, and on developing the capacity for synthetic and integrated thinking across disciplines and practices. Theatre and performance are understood as critical and cultural practices that can best be engaged in by developing an awareness of key contemporary issues, as well as by questioning the history of representations of such realities as class, gender and race. 

DART students may study at Stratford
every July and August.  This photo was
taken in 2009.

Who? Tory Mountain, graduated June 2007
Concentration? Theatre Praxis
Since graduating? Completed a Masters degree at the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto in 2008, performing in shows alongside her studies; won the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to attend the Masters of International Performance Research Programme (MAIPR) in Europe, receiving a double Masters degree from the University of Warwick (UK) and the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere (Finland) in December 2009; currently attending part-time actor training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London, UK, and completing a Performance Research Internship at Circomedia in Bristol, UK, an International physical theatre and circus skills training centre.

If you're interested in the Theatre Praxis Concentration, Tori says that you most likely…

  • Want to be a "double threat" - a "performer with a head" whose theoretical and critical thinking infuses and generates your creative work.
  • Like to have a foot in each door: you have a talent for theatre but also an analytic curiosity.
  • Want to be a hybrid and close the gap between theatre artists and scholars.
  • Enjoy creatively dislocating the world around you.