Applied Theatre

Faculty of Humanities: Department of Dramatic Arts

Applied Theatre

Theatre outside of the theatre.

Study in this area explores the many ways in which theatre as an art form and social practice is used in contexts often outside the theatre building itself for the direct benefit of a diverse range of communities. Exposure to the basics of theatre production and creation is complemented by the development of creative facilitating skills that will allow students to begin working in various settings such as youth centres, seniors' homes, prisons, hospitals, etc. Also involved are core competencies of analysis, clear writing, and historical and cultural contextualization of many forms of theatre and performance practice, applied and otherwise.

Clowning around 2009
clowning around campus!

Tiffany Stull, graduate of the concentration in Applied Theatre

Tiffany Stull, graduated June 2008
Concentration? Drama in Education and Applied Theatre
Since graduating? Became the Programming Director for T.A.P. Jamaica, a not-for-profit organization that provides an integrated arts program for youth in Jamaica. T.A.P. began as a pilot project with classmates in her third year at Brock in the course DART 3F78 under the leadership of Jane Leavitt. T.A.P. is presently fostering partnerships with numerous educational institutions and other not-for-profit organizations. Check out T.A.P.'s website:

If you're interested in the Drama in Education and Applied Theatre Concentrations, Tiffany says that you most likely…

  • Believe in the transformative power of the arts.
  • Want to change the world one person at a time.
  • Want to be a teacher who changes the face of education.
  • Want to shift the spotlight and fame from the teacher to the student, allowing them to have a say in their education.
  • Want to find alternatives, step outside the box, and take risks.