Elizabeth S. Greene

Faculty of Humanities

Elizabeth S. Greene

Department of Classics

Associate Professor, Greek Art and Archaeology
Undergraduate Program Officer 
BA, MA, PhD (Princeton)

Mailing Address:
Department of Classics
Brock University
St Catharines, ON  L2S 3A1

Phone: 905 688 5550 ext. 5373
Fax: 905 984 4859
Email: esgreene@brocku.ca

Teaching 2014-2015:

  • CLAS/VISA 3P24: Art and Architecture of Early Greece (fall)
  • CLAS 3V32: Pirates, Traders, and Sailors in the Ancient Mediterranean (fall)


A specialist in the archaeology, art, and cultural history of Archaic Greece, I conduct fieldwork centered on Mediterranean maritime archaeology, particularly in Turkey. I am responsible for the publication of the shipwreck at Pabuç Burnu, a sixth-century BCE merchant vessel excavated off the Turkish coast. Currently I am undertaking a survey of Archaic and early Classical shipwrecks and harbor sites in Turkey, including research on a seventh-century BCE shipwreck at Kekova Adası and the harbors at Burgaz, the site associated with the Knidians before their move to the tip of the Datça peninsula. I am also involved in excavation and heritage preservation initiatives for the sixth-century CE “Church Wreck” at Marzamemi, Sicily. My work considers the ancient economy, maritime archaeology, archaeological ethics and heritage management. Students with interests in these and related fields are encouraged to consider the Department of Classics at Brock.  

Recent Publications:

  • Forthcoming 2014. “Implementing Underwater Cultural Heritage ‘Best Practices’ in the Mediterranean: the Noto meeting and Statement.” International Journal of Nautical Archaeology (with J. Leidwanger, B. Daniels, R. Leventhal, and S. Tusa).
  • 2014. “Burgaz (Palaia Knidos) 2012 yılı çalışmaları,” Kazı Sonuçları Toplantısı 35.3: 60-75 (with N. Tuna, N. Atıcı, İ. Sakarya, and J. Leidwanger).
  • 2014. “Charter for the Protection and Management of the Underwater Cultural Heritage (1996).” In Encyclopedia of Global Archaeology, edited by C. Smith. Springer. 1376-1379.
  • 2013. “Excavating the Harbors of ‘Old Knidos’: Current Research at Burgaz, Turkey.” INA Quarterly 40: 8-13 (with J. Leidwanger and N. Tuna).
  • 2013. “Burgaz 2011 yılı çalışmaları,” Kazı Sonuçları Toplantısı 34.3: 5-24 (with N. Tuna, N. Atıcı, İ. Sakarya, and J. Leidwanger).
  • 2013. “Expanding Contacts and Collapsing Distances in Early Cypro-Archaic Trade: Three Case Studies of Shipwrecks off the Turkish Coast.” In The Transport Amphorae and Trade of Cyprus, M.L. Lawall and J. Lund, eds. (Gösta Enbom Monographs Volume 3), 21-34. Aarhus (with J. Leidwanger and H. Özdaş). First Author.

Recent and Upcoming Papers and Lectures:

  • “Regional Production and Maritime Exchange in the Southeast Aegean: Petrological and XRF Analysis of Ceramics at Burgaz, Turkey.” ASOR Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, November 2014 (with K. Mallon, M. Daniels, and J. Leidwanger).
  • “The Burgaz Harbors Project 2011-2014: Maritime Connectivity on and around Turkey’s Datça Peninsula.” ASOR Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA, November 2014 (with J. Leidwanger, N. Tuna and N. Atıcı).
  • “Investigations at the Harbors of Burgaz, Turkey: Shifting Centers of Maritime Activity on the Datça Peninsula.” European Archaeological Association Annual Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, September 2014 (with J. Leidwanger, Numan Tuna and N. Atıcı).
  • “Shifting Centers of Maritime Activity in the Eastern Mediterranean: A View from Burgaz or ‘Old Knidos’.” University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, April 2014.
  • “2013 Investigations in the Harbors of Burgaz, Turkey.” AIA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, January 2014 (with J. Leidwanger, B. Goodman, and N. Tuna).
  • “Shipwrecks as Indices of Archaic Mediterranean Trade Networks.” Networks of Maritime Connectivity in the Ancient Mediterranean: Structure, continuity, and change over the longue durée. University of Toronto, Toronto, ON. November 2013.
  • “Underwater Cultural Heritage as Cultural Heritage.” EUPLOIA: Implementing Underwater Cultural Heritage ‘Best Practices’ in a Mediterranean Context” Noto, Sicily, October 2013 (with R. Leventhal, J. Leidwanger, and B. Daniels).

Recent and Upcoming Conferences and Workshops Organized: 

  • “Underwater Cultural Heritage: Prospects and Problems for Management, Protection, and Exploration” AIA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 2015. Workshop co-organizer with J. Leidwanger (Stanford University).
  • “A Matrix of Socioeconomic Connectivity: Ports, Harbors and Anchorages in the Mediterranean,” European Archaeological Association, Istanbul, Turkey. September 2014. Session co-organizer with V. Şahoğlu (Ankara University) and J. Leidwanger (Stanford University).
  • "EUPLOIA: Implementing Underwater Cultural Heritage ‘Best Practices’ in a Mediterranean Context." Noto, Sicily. October 17-19, 2013. Organizer with Justin Leidwanger (Stanford University), Sebastiano Tusa (Soprintendenze del Mare, Sicily), Richard Leventhal (Penn Cultural Heritage Center), and Brian Daniels (Penn Cultural Heritage Center).


American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)
Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)
Honor Frost Foundation
Classical Association of Canada
Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Niagara Peninsula Society of the AIA
Penn Cultural Heritage Center

Project websites:
Archaic Shipwreck Survey Project
Burgaz Harbors Project
METU Burgaz Excavations
Marzamemi Maritime Heritage Project
Pabuç Burnu Shipwreck


Elizabeth Greene examining a mooring stone in Old Knidos, Turkey

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