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Faculty of Humanities

Course Offerings

Department of Classics

Fall/Winter 2014-2015

For more information on Classics programs, including course descriptions, please refer to the UNDERGRADUATE CALENDAR. A complete list of course offerings with instructors can be found here.

First Year

CLAS 1P91 - Introduction to Greek Civilization
CLAS 1P92 - Introduction to Roman Civilization
CLAS 1P94 - Word Power: Greek and Latin Roots of English
CLAS 1P95 - Myths of the Greek and Roman Gods
CLAS 1P97 - Myths of the Heroic Age
GREE 1F00 - Introduction to Greek Language
LATI 1F00 - Introduction to Latin Language

Second and Third Year

CLAS 2P00 - Introduction to Greek and Roman Literature
CLAS 2P32 - Introduction to Archaeology
CLAS/INTC 2P34 - Cities and Sanctuaries of the Ancient World
CLAS 2P40 - Ancient Sport and Spectacle
CLAS 2P52 - Beyond Troy: The art, literature, and film of the Trojan War
CLAS 2P60 - Ancient Judaisms and Judaic Societies: from Cyrus to Mohammed (on-line course)
CLAS/HIST 3P03 - History of Early Greece
CLAS/HIST 3P04 - History of Classical Greece
CLAS/HIST 3P05 - History of the Roman Republic
CLAS/HIST 3P06 - History of the Early Roman Empire
CLAS/LART 3P13 - Literature of the Roman Republic
CLAS/DART/LART 3P14 - Literature of the Roman Empire
CLAS/VISA 3P24 - Art and Architecture of Early Greece
CLAS/VISA 3P25 - Art and Architecture of Classical Greece and the Hellenistic World
CLAS 3V32 - Pirates, Sailors and Traders in the Ancient Mediterranean
CLAS/HIST/WGST 3P61 - Gender and Society in Ancient Mediterranean Cultures
GREE 2P01 & 2P02 - Intermediate Greek (Language and Literature)
LATI 2P01 & 2P02 - Intermediate Latin (Language and Literature)

Senior Classes

CLAS 4V22 - Archaeology of Death
CLAS/VISA 4V39 - Art and Architecture of Greek Colonization
CLAS 4V66 - Sparta in Context
CLAS 4V67 - Landscapes, Cityscapes, and the Ancient Environment
GREE 4P11 - Greek Oratory and Dialogue I
GREE 4P21 - Greek Tragedy I
LATI 4P11 - Latin Oratory, Letters and Dialogues I
LATI 4P21 - Roman Elegy 1

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