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Canadian and American Studies

The following courses from around Brock University contain content relevant to the CDAM program. Students are required to consult and get the permission of the Graduate Program Director, the instructor, and the home department of the course in order to register in each elective credit. For courses at SUNY-UB, students will consult with Co-Director Munroe Eagles. A sampling of SUNY-UB elective credits is available at

ENGL 5V30-39: Variable Topics in British and American Literature
ENGL 5V50-59: Variable Topics in Canadian Literature

GEOG 5P01: Theoretical Approaches to the Critical Examination of Geographical Issues
GEOG 5P02: Methodologies for the Critical Examination of Geographical Issues
GEOG 5P03: Quantitative Analysis in Geography
GEOG 5P20: Geographies of the Cultural Economy
GEOG 5P25: Advanced Topics in Geomatics
GEOG 5P30: Sustainability and the Environment
GEOG 5P35: Rural Community Development
GEOG 5P40: Historical Geographies of Culture and Power
GEOG 5P45: Public Space and Policy
GEOG 5P50: Critical Geographies of the City
GEOG 5P55: Queer Geographies of Gender and Sexuality
GEOG 5P60: Vulnerability, Human Communities and the Environment
GEOG 5P70: Geographies of Inequality and Exclusion

POLI 5P10: Issues in Local Governance
POLI 5P12: Canadian Civil Society, Institutions and Political Culture
POLI 5P14: Federalism in Canada
POLI 5P19: The Canadian Judicial Process
POLI 5P50: Machinery in Government

SCLA 5P64: Space and the Social Ecology of Art
SCLA 5P67: Representing the Canon: Postcolonial Studies in Drama  and Theatre

SJES 5P20: Domination and Resistance
SJES 5P25: Social Justice and the City
SJES 5P30: Social Justice and the Environment
SJES 5P35: Animal Liberation and Social Justice
SJES 5P40: Gender and Sexuality
SJES 5P45: Active Voice: Social Justice and the News Media
SJES 5P50: Labour and Family
SJES 5P55: Labour, Workers & Social Justice
SJES 5P60: Human Rights and Social Justice
SJES 5P65: Race, Ethnicity, Indigeneity and Social Justice
SJES 5P70: Social Justice and the Arts

SOCI 5P10: Intermediate Statistics for Sociologists
SOCI 5P20: Globalization, Inequality and Social Change
SOCI 5P30: Engaging Criminology in the 21st Century
SOCI 5P40: Animals and Human Societies
SOCI 5P50: Critical Sociologies of Gender and Sexuality
SOCI 5P60: Critical Perspectives on Race and Racism
SOCI 5P70: Critical Sociological Studies in Education
SOCI 5P80: Problems and Possibilities in Economic Life
SOCI 5P90: Environment in Social Context

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