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Human Resources
Wilderness Advanced First Aid
This is a 4 day course

Note: ~The September offering has been postponed until January~

January 3,4,5,6, 2012

This four-day course is ideally suited to those that will travel in a context where a hospital may be hours away (such as field researchers, etc.). The main focus is the prolonged care and stabilization of patients until a rescue team or additional resources can be obtained to help with evacuation. A judgment-based approach in critical thinking to successfully deal with medical emergencies in a remote setting is applied. "Learning Working" to improvised equipment and anticipating potential risks to your patient are a major component of this course. Advanced medical techniques taught include anaphylaxis management, spine clearing exam, wound cleaning, and CPR cessation.

Please bring to the course old clothing you don't mind getting torn, a backpack, and a sleeping bag (if you have one).

$450 - Students
$500 - Others

Fees are payable in full by November 30th to Human Resources and Environment, Health & Safety ST1220. Please note that staff/faculty members on benefits will have their course fees paid for by HR-EHS.


Day 1: 9 hours - Introduction/Registration; General Concepts; Infection Control; Patient Assessment System; Circulatory & Respiratory Systems; Adult CPR; Basic Life Support

Day 2: 9.5 hours - Quiz/Case Studies; Nervous System, Spine Management; Musculoskeletal Injuries; Lifts, Moves, and Extrications; Splints - Extremities; Patient Assessment Drills

Day 3: 9.5 hours - Quiz/Case Studies; Thermoregulation; Bites and Stings; Lightning; Elective Topics; Wounds and Burns; Allergies and Anaphylaxis; Improvised Patient Carries; Patient Assessment Drills

Day 4: 8 hours - Case Study Review; Elective Topic; Backcountry Medicine; Medical and Legal Issues; Patient Assessment Drills; Simulations; Final Exam; Conclusion

Who Should Attend: Anyone interested in obtaining their WAFA certification

Tuesday, January 3, 2012
8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Pond Inlet

Facilitator: Wilderness Medical Associates Canada

Limit: 30

This workshop has already been completed. If you wish to know the next time this course will be offered, please contact

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