What our members are saying

Brock-Niagara Centre for Health & Well-Being

What our members are saying

What is Len saying?

 I am a 67 year old male who has retired but I still feel like I am 50, and it is my goal to do everything I can to keep that feeling.  I have been a member of the Brock SeniorFit program for about a year now and love it, let me tell you why.

I live in the town of Fort Erie 5 minutes from a Gym that I could join, but I choose to travel the 1/2 hour or so to St. Catharines to work out at the Brock SeniorFit gym.   Why do I do this you might ask?

• Well, for one thing the cost is very competitive as compared to other Gyms.
• There are 4th year Student Trainers at our beck and call while we work out which means we can be shown how to use each machine, we can be shown how to do the particular exercise correctly so we don't hurt ourselves, and these trainers are all included in our price.  Try to get this feature at another Gym.
• The atmosphere at the SeniorFit Gym is great.  Everyone is a senior and we all have similar beliefs and reasons as to why we are there, but I believe the main reason we are there is that we want to keep feeling like we are 50 when in fact we are much older.
• Lastly, our SeniorFit group works hard to try to stay or get in shape, but it is more than that, it provides all of us with a place we can have a social gathering.  This is important as we grow older, we want to talk and have fun with people our own age.

We all believe very strongly in what our slogan says:   "Fitness today for tomorrow!" None of us wants to grow old too quickly, so by doing regular exercises we can try to keep ourselves active.

So look for me when you come to work out, I'll be the one who is running a little late because the weather was a little bad which made my commute a little longer than usual.  I will also be the one smiling and telling someone a good joke.


What is Ros saying?

 I am no stranger to being active or interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but when I retired nearly three years ago, I wanted something more.  The SeniorFit Program has greatly assisted my transition from a career of working to actively fulfilling my life 24/7.  The guidance and encouragement of the team of caring and knowledgeable students together with the camaraderie and support of my fellow exercisers means that the SeniorFit Program is now an essential part of my weekly routine.