Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock medal

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock medal

Goodman School of Business

Wanting (Sabrina) Zheng
Master’s of Accountancy

Sabrina Zheng came to Brock from China to pursue her degree and quickly came to regard the Goodman School of Business as her second home. Sabrina has willingly and enthusiastically given back to her community of business students and faculty in numerous ways.

Sabrina is a former Vice-President of Human Resources for the Graduate Business Council. In this position she was active in organizing charitable and social events and promoting the GBC with new students.

Sabrina is truly a marvel when it comes to her volunteer work with Toastmasters International, an organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network.

Sabrina was a driving force in establishing the Brock Toastmasters organization. Past attempts to get a club off the ground at Brock had all failed. But with her boundless energy, her dedication and her leadership, Sabrina made all the difference to the successful five-month membership drive that led to the club’s charter. To put it simply, through force of personality and great effort, she inspired students to join and to become active members of the club.

Sabrina put her business degree skills to work to help the club become established and took on the important responsibility of serving as its treasurer. She set in place a well-structured accounting system to create an effective tracking of financial records and to ensure the transparency of accounting practices.

Sabrina was recognized for all of these contributions by being selected as the 2011-12 Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year for the Brock club.

Most recently, Sabrina was elected to serve as the Vice-President of Education for the local MTO Toastmasters. She is responsible for overseeing the club’s education portfolio which serves seasoned professionals from across the Niagara region. The club’s members range from small-business owners to executives from the Ministry of Transportation, Meridian Credit Union and other government and not-for-profit organizations.

There is one story that clearly illustrates Sabrina’s Spirit of Brock qualities.

In 2012, Sabrina was a member of the Brock team that competed in Alberta as part of the national games for business graduate students. The competition includes a sports component. For each activity, a school must fill a roster with a balance of men and women. The Brock team was short one woman for its entry in the inner tube water polo competition. The team was on the verge of forfeiting the game when Sabrina happily agreed to participate.

The catch was that Sabrina can’t swim.

That didn’t stop her. With a firm grasp of her inner tube, Sabrina gave it her best and will now forever be remembered by her teammates and many others in the Goodman School of Business for her unsinkable courage, inspiration and leadership.




Sabrina Zheng recipient of the graduate student Spirit of Brock medal for the Go

Sabrina Zheng recipient of the graduate student Spirit of Brock medal for the Goodman School of Business