Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock Medal winners — 2013 Spring Convocation

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock Medal winners — 2013 Spring Convocation

Faculty of Humanities

Alison Innes — MA Classics

Alison balanced a demanding research program with her greater involvement in the graduate student community, namely her work as a Teaching Assistant and her tireless commitment in serving for two years, including as Vice President Communications, on the Graduate Students’ Association. Read more


Faculty of Education

May Al-Fartousi — PhD Educational Studies

May Al-Fartousi’s doctoral research breaks new ground as it examines the experiences of Muslim Shi’i young females negotiating their identities in their community, home and schools. Read more


Faculty of Social Sciences

Binish Ahmed — MA Political Science

Binish Ahmed’s major research project was an investigation into why a large number of immigrants do not choose to make Niagara their new home. As an immigrant herself, Binish understands the difficulty facing newcomers. Read more


Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Ellen Robb — PhD Biological Sciences (Cell and Molecular)

In one word, Ellen Robb is a pathfinder — that is, she is someone who goes ahead and shows others the way. As she prepares for her own new path in taking up a post-doctoral position at the University of Cambridge in England, Ellen leaves Brock with an impressive trail of accomplishments. Read more



Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Nick Beamish — 
MA Applied Health Sciences

Nick Beamish’s research is innovative with its focus on using sport and games to develop positive life skills for at-risk and disadvantaged youth. He has eagerly shared this knowledge with fellow students, faculty and physical education professionals. And he’s applied this knowledge in working directly with youth in Niagara and El Salvador. Read more


Goodman School of Business

Wanting (Sabrina) Zheng
 — Master’s of Accountancy
Sabrina Zheng came to Brock from China to pursue her degree and quickly came to regard the Goodman School of Business as her second home. Sabrina has willingly and enthusiastically given back to her community of business students and faculty in numerous ways. Read more