Renée Louise McKinley, Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Renée Louise McKinley, Faculty of Social Sciences

The following is the award citation for Renée Louise McKinley who is a 2010 graduate student recipient of the Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock medal. Renée graduated with an MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies at Brock's 2010 Spring Convocation.

To put it simply Renée Louise McKinley has a love of learning that inspires her life in every way – as a graduate student and researcher, a professional interpreter, a community volunteer and a parent of young children.
Renée is graduating today with a Master’s degree in Social Justice and Equity Studies.
She is the recipient of major funding awards from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship program. These awards supported her thesis work that examined the experiences of unregulated home-based child care. The project was considered to be innovative in looking at a specific child sector that is often used by Canadian parents but rarely analyzed. She has contributed a sophisticated and nuanced account of the pros and cons of this form of child care and has offered important policy recommendations.
This very successful graduate has shared her research passion with other graduate students as a mentor and a role model – someone to look up to because of her dedication to high standards of academic research.
Beyond Brock, Renée has devoted countless hours, for the past 16 years, as a professional interpreter for the hard-of-hearing in educational and community settings. In particular, she has been very active in supporting the Association of Visual Language Interpreters in a variety of ways from fundraising to public relations to conference planning. For the past two years she has generously offered her services as an interpreter to the Niagara Social Justice Forum, an event that is organized by the MA in Social Justice and Equity Studies each year.
Renée has also exhibited her leadership abilities and commitment to the broader community as a member of Zeta Pi, Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Through her sorority work she has helped to support activities that have benefited many community groups including youth shelters, women’s shelters, and disabled youth.
In the words of Professor Jane Helleiner, graduate program director for Social Justice and Equity Studies, “Renée is a bright light in our graduate program and has a very exciting future of study and advocacy work ahead of her.”

Renée Louise McKinley, right, receives a 2010 Spirit of Brock medal during Sprin

Renée Louise McKinley, right, receives a 2010 Spirit of Brock medal during Spring Convocation ceremonies.