OGS 2011-12

Faculty of Graduate Studies

OGS 2011-12

Congratulations to the 2011-12 recipients of Ontario Graduate Scholarships


May Al-Fartousi, Education
Daniel Antwi-Amoabeng, Biological Sciences
Jennifer Brant, Education
Daniele Chirico, Applied Health Sciences
Rebecca Codack, Education
Gillian Dale, Psychology
Megan Davis, Education
Val Andrew Fajardo, Applied Health Sciences
Ashley Hosker, Psychology
Kathryn Humphrys, Applied Health Sciences
Jory Korobanik, Physics
Kaitlyn LaForge, Applied Health Sciences
Nina Lee, Education
Izabella Ludwa, Applied Health Sciences
Ashley MacIntosh, Psychology
Rebecca MacPherson, Applied Health Sciences
Melissa Meijaard, English
Chance Minnett Watchel, Political Science
Allen Poapst, Computer Science
Bojan Ratkovic, Political Science
Matthew Ratsep, Applied Health Sciences
Andrew Skelton, Mathematics and Science
Benjamin Sylvester, Applied Health Sciences
Stefon VanNoordt, Psychology
Jessica Vickruck, Biological Sciences
Keeley White, Applied Disability Studies
Andrea Winter, English
Junru Zhao, Psychology


Jessica Alcock, Child and Youth Studies
Sarah Baker, Education
Carly Barron, Applied Health Sciences
Laura Berger, Popular Culture
Amanda Bolger, Psychology
Lindsey Cary, Psychology
Vincenzo Coia, Mathematics and Science
David Connors, History
Matthew Czerwinski, Biochemistry and Biophysics
Andrea DesRoches, Psychology
Julie Domitrek, Women’s Studies
Carolyn Dowling, Biochemistry
Michelle Dowling, Biochemistry
Sarah Farrell, Child and Youth
Adrian Fortner, Psychology
Jonathan Gaiero, Biological Sciences
Emily Gallagher, Biological Sciences
Shawn Geniole, Psychology
Ryan Gillap, Classics
Lara Green, Applied Health Sciences
Adrian Harrington, Computer Science
Ryan Harvey, Earth Sciences
Caitlin Heit, Biotechnology
Gregory Higginbotham, Applied Health Sciences
Keith Hobbs, English
Victoria Horner, Applied Health Sciences
Setareh Hooshmand, Psychology
Mary Jasinski, Biotechnology
Amber Knuff, Psychology
Kevin Kochan, Classics
Shannon Kollee, Psychology
Jenna Lorusso, Applied Health Sciences
Neil Marshall, Mathematics and Science
Caitlin Munn, Education
Donna Pearce, Applied Linguistics
Jacob Pfeiffer, Applied Health Sciences
Chelsea Pretty, Applied Health Sciences
Michelle Przedborski, Physics
Christopher Rand, Biological Sciences
Alicia Rubel, Psychology
Hafsah Shaikh, Child and Youth Studies
Tanvi Sharan, Psychology
Spencer Smith, Dramatic Arts
Connie Stowe, Child and Youth Studies
Bruce Thompson, Visual and Fine Arts
Jade Wallace, English
Christopher Walsh, Sociology
Tyler Weaver, Applied Health Sciences
Kenneth Webster, Mathematics and Science
Kaylen Wheeler, Computer Science