MBE students hold valuable membership

Faculty of Graduate Studies

MBE students hold valuable membership

Brock’s Master of Business Economics co-op students hold memberships in a national organization composed of leading economists from government, business and industry across Canada.

The University’s Co-op program office has paved the way for MBE students to belong to the Canadian Association for Business Economics (CABE) through its affiliated Toronto chapter. CABE offers an important connection to applied economic professionals. Through their memberships, students are invited to attend annual conferences and special luncheon speakers. They also have access to CABE’s online postings of current publications and commentaries that focus on economic issues, outlook and policy.

Julia Zhu, of the Co-op Programs Office, developed the relationship with CABE about three years ago by taking the opportunity to meet members through the Toronto chapter’s regular luncheon series.

“They were very surprised that a representative from Brock would make the time to attend their lunches,” says Zhu who is the relationship manager for Brock’s co-op business programs. “It really established a profile for our program and nurtured a special interest from members including CABE’s president. He was very interested in creating an opportunity for the association to cultivate future young professionals involved in business economics.”

Zhu says one of her priorities is to promote co-op learning with CABE members and to develop the connection with CABE at several levels. CABE has become involved in sponsoring speakers for the annual MBE fall seminar series. The association also created a new link on its website in which students can post resumes.

“We encourage the students as much as possible to utilize their memberships whether it’s taking advantange of the online professional resources for their studies or finding time to attend meetings and network with the economists,” she says. “I think they really begin to understand the value once they have been out on co-op. It gives them an experience and a perspective that they can apply in this kind of a networking opportunity.”