Lisa Neville, Faculty of Mathematics and Science

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Lisa Neville, Faculty of Mathematics and Science

The following is the award citation for Lisa Neville who is a 2010 graduate student recipient of the Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock medal. Lisa graduated with an MSc in Earth Sciences at Brock's 2010 Spring Convocation.

Many of you will recognize Lisa Neville – or at least half of Lisa’s face.
She was among the first group of students to be selected for Brock’s Both Sides of the Brain profiles. The reasons that make her an outstanding choice for this profile are also the reasons for her joining us on stage today to receive this special honour.
Lisa is graduating with a Master’s of Science degree in Earth Sciences. She began her graduate work on Great Lakes water levels. She later moved to research on the Alberta tar sands, studying which environmental remediation methods are best for permitting shattered ecosystems to recover. She is now pursuing her doctoral degree in the Department of Earth Sciences at Carleton University in Ottawa.
Lisa has presented research papers at various conferences, including one in Houston for the Geological Society of America. As well, she has had research papers published in leading journals over the course of her master’s work.
Lisa also found time to make a difference to the graduate student community by serving as president of the Graduate Students’ Association. And her influence on student life extended to a number of other activities including Brock’s highly successful Spread the Net campaign.
Her record of community service identifies Lisa as a person who gives of her time, talents and passions in a way that significantly touches the lives of others. Lisa has had a love of flying since joining the Air Cadets at age 14. Today she is a licensed flying instructor and spends her spare time volunteering with Air Cadets. This includes leading cadets through camping trips and involving them in wilderness training.
Looking back on Lisa’s Brock career and her involvement in the life of the University and our greater community, it’s left to our imagination as to the height to which Lisa will continue to soar – academically, professionally and personally.

Lisa Neville, right, receives a 2010 Spirit of Brock medal during Spring Convoca

Lisa Neville, right, receives a 2010 Spirit of Brock medal during Spring Convocation ceremonies.