Emily Hastings-Speck, Faculty of Education

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Emily Hastings-Speck, Faculty of Education

The following is the award citation for Emily Hastings-Speck who is a 2010 graduate student recipient of the Board of Trustees Spirit of Brock medal. Emily graduated with a Master’s of Education degree at Brock's 2010 Spring Convocation.

Emily Hastings-Speck is an exceptional student whose contributions in leadership, community service and academic excellence single her out as a most worthy recipient of this honour.
Emily is graduating today with a Master’s of Education degree. As a graduate student she has conducted relevant, focused and rigorous research on the perceptions of teachers in underdeveloped countries.
This research was inspired by her internship in South Africa. As a member of a team of faculty and students, Emily served as the lead teacher, presenting and modeling curriculum strategies for the African teachers with understanding and sensitivity.
Emily has spent summers and other school vacations abroad to extend her teaching service in developing countries. These experiences have provided her with the knowledge, awareness and appreciation for the challenges and joys that she observed in those who taught under frequently difficult conditions.
And they became the impetus for her research project, “Storying the Journey: Teachers in Developing Educational systems.” It is an imaginative, inspiring and innovative research paper in which Emily includes poetry in order to capture the tone and feeling of the voices of those she interviewed.
In the Faculty of Education, Emily is seen as an amazing teacher who is committed to advocating on behalf of students with disabilities. Her many presentations on topics such as inclusion and discrimination are inspirational for classmates as well as for broader audiences at Brock and at conferences such as the Canadian Society for Studies in Education.
Emily’s imagination and originality can be measured as well by the richness of her other life as a talented actress and singer. She recently played the lead role in a production of Anne of Green Gables.
Assistant Professor Alice Schutz describes Emily as one of those rare people who combine excellence in knowledge and research, and personal characteristics, with the ability to link these to the betterment of her community.

Emily Hastings-Speck, right, receives a 2010 Spirit of Brock medal during Spring

Emily Hastings-Speck, right, receives a 2010 Spirit of Brock medal during Spring Convocation ceremonies.