Spirit of Brock medal winner - Fall Convocation 2010

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Spirit of Brock medal winner - Fall Convocation 2010

Colin Perrier, PhD, Psychology
Faculty of Social Sciences

Spirit of Brock award presented by the Brock University Board of Trustees at Fall Convocation, October 16

Award citation

Colin Perrier is graduating today with a PhD in Psychology. His doctoral thesis, on the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms on romantic relationships, was recently recognized with a Certificate of Academic Excellence from the Canadian Psychological Association.

Anyone who knows Colin Perrier will tell you that along with his “good mind,” he has an especially “good heart.”

This combination of qualities has led him to tremendous academic success and community accomplishments.

Within Brock, Colin has shown a deep commitment to graduate education as an instructor of a research methods course and as a co-supervisor of three undergraduate student theses. He also served Brock’s growing graduate community as an executive member of the Graduate Students’ Association and served on various Psychology Department graduate committees. For his many contributions, Colin was recognized by faculty and fellow students in his department with the Wendy Murphy Memorial Award, given annually to the graduate student who embodies its highest ideals.

Beyond Brock, Colin has shared his caring nature and expanding knowledge of psychology as a researcher and manager for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Niagara. He has also provided leadership to the Canadian Mental Health Association in the development of research and policy regarding employment and education for individuals with mental illness.

Colin has moved on to put his head and heart to work as the Director of Research, Evaluation, and Quality Improvement with the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Simcoe County branch, contributing to the organization’s success by ensuring that clients receive the best care possible.

Leadership, inspiration and community involvement — Colin has personified these traits as a doctoral candidate of superior ability. Colin is from a town of 300 along the coast of Newfoundland. He is the first person in his family to attend university. His life has taken an amazing trajectory and we know he will carry on to great success in the future.

Colin Perrier received Spirit of Brock medal

Rudi Kroeker, Chair of the Board of Trustees, left, presents Colin Perrier with the Spirit of Brock medal during Brock's recent Fall Convocation ceremonies.