Megan Gordon, PhD Education

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Megan Gordon, PhD Education

Megan is a recipient of awards from major external funding agencies. One of the finding of her master’s research indicated that many black students believe student disengagement, among marginalized students, is largely due to teachers’ personal attitudes on race, racism, and pedagogical strategies. This led Megan to pursue a PhD in education, in order to explore the preparedness of teacher candidates for diverse classrooms.

Megan’s research story
“My PhD research underscores the importance of preparing teacher candidates for diverse classrooms, by teaching them how to talk about and deal with race and racialization issues. The importance of research that informs teacher preparedness is being increasingly recognized and one aspect of this preparation is the extent to which teacher candidates understand issues of race and racialization. Yet, this understanding is not being reflected in minority student success levels. Those who work in the school system need to be able to discuss race issues in the classroom, as well as understand the impact of their own racial positioning in the school system. The development of teachers’ understanding of race and racialization issues is essential to minority student success.”

The importance of graduate awards and scholarships
“Receiving scholarships and fellowships throughout my graduate experience has enabled me to thrive in my graduate programs. Having this financial support allows me to focus on my research and academic development, rather than spending a significant amount of my time supporting my livelihood. With this important external support, I am able to collaborate in research projects and conduct research, and in turn extensively contribute to the larger scientific community. Not only do scholarships and fellowships allow me to use my time wisely, but receiving this support gives me the credentials I need to further my academic career.”

About the graduate experience at Brock
“My experience here is truly enriched and gratifying because of the relationships I have developed with my supervisors, and the graduate student community. Dr. Dawn Zinga, my master’s supervisor, and Dr. Michael Manley-Casimir, my PhD supervisor, have particularly contributed to my successful academic experience. Their enduring support, including writing reference letters and editing my work, and counseling with words of exhortation, have given me rewards time and time again. Supporting me at conferences, providing me opportunities to be involved in numerous research projects and collaborating with me on publications have furthered my knowledge in writing and conducting research.
“The friendships I have gained with other graduate students have contributed to a wonderfully rewarding experience at Brock University. Brock provides the kind of environment, where students feel welcome to work together and this in turn allows us to grow together while supporting each other. Without the encouragement and support I receive from other graduate students and my advisors, I would not be where I am today in my academic career."


Megan Gordon