SSHRC award winners

Faculty of Graduate Studies

SSHRC award winners

Brock University 2010-11 SSHRC Graduate Award results


Kelly Baker, Applied Disability Studies
“Current use of social skills strategies for children with autism in the Ontario education system”

Cassandra Buffet, Child and Youth
“Non-suicidal self-injury: assumptions and discourses”

Susanna Cheung, Applied Health Sciences
“Turning interventions into action: understanding the role of goal self-concordance in the theory of planned behaviour”

Rebecca Clark, History
“Women and feminism: St. Catharines, Ontario in the 1960s and 1970s”

Lindsay Cline, Applied Health Sciences
“Weight stigma experiences’ effect on body image and in turn physical activity motivation”

Natalie Currie, Geography
“ARTS of Renaissance: Arts and crafts in Ontario’s First Nations Residential Schools”

Mallory Dilks, Child and Youth
“Exploring attachment formation within the context of Chinese adoption”

Melissa Fleishman, Applied Disability Studies (supervisor – Maureen Connolly)
“Exploring gestural habits as cues for anticipating self-injurious episodes in children and youth with Austism Spectrum Disorder”

Danielle Fry, Child and Youth
“Balancing duty of care and protection of rights: Exploring the decision-making process of community care providers”

Haley Gienow, History
“An examination of the use of entrepreneurship and voluntary self-segregation to promote community self-sufficiency and self-worth in Deaf Americans”

Ryan Gillap, Classics
“Friendship in Greek Tragedy”

Setareh Hooshmand, Psychology
“A longitudinal study of risk-taking and depression during adolescence: Are there bi-directional effects?”

Nicholas Kerman-Dixon, Psychology
“The role of cognitive distortions and lying among perfectionistic university students”

Kevin Kochan, Classics
“A comparative study of ancient Greek seal rings and jewellry both excavated and alleged from the Late Bronze Age cemetery of Aidonia”

Elizabeth Kovacs, Sociology
“Understanding the practices pole dancers use to construct a sense of identity for themselves and their sport”

Matthew Lingard, Education
“A comparison of Karl Rahner and Hans Kueng’s theological contributions to the Second Vatican Council in the social context of post-war Germany”

Natalia Manay-Quian, Psychology
“Developmental trajectories of academic success, internalizing, and externalizing behaviours in adolescents with divorced parents: Do gender, timing of divorce, and family structure matter?”

Allyson McEachen, Child and Youth
“Comparative longitudinal case study of service-based learning and practicum experience”

Laura McMahon, Applied Health Sciences
“What does youth development look like? A meta-analysis of the role that program atmosphere and environmental attributes have on achieving positive youth development”

Rand Meshki, Applied Health Sciences
“A critical investigation of current regulations in sport that permit the coercion of children into excessive training”

Cristina Murano, Social Justice and Equity Studies
“Sites of intersections, spaces of resistance: A feminist investigation of race, gender and sexuality through lesbian identity, activism and politics”

Lindsay Osmun, English
“Culture and value in archival appraisal”

Steve Romanin, Sociology
“Gender intersections: Examining links between masculinity and animal exploitation”

Benjamin Sylvester, Applied Health Sciences
“Basic psychological needs and their relationship to well-being”

Andrea Winter, Interactive arts and science
“How does the pervasive use of virtual environments change the perception of community?”

Megan Woodham, Child and Youth
“Closing the learning gap for reading difficulties: A post-program study”

Master’s business-related

Ryan Hilimoniuk, Political Science
“Examining ‘Economics’ as a security threat through the lens of critical international political economy”

Sarah Ruiter, Applied Disability Studies
“Investigation of changes in prescribed and voluntary job roles after the implementation of rights based approach to community service delivery for people who have intellectual disabilities”

SSHRC doctoral

Paul Adachi, Psychology
“The Effect of Violent Video Games on Aggression: Is it More than Just the Violence?”

Andrea Chisholm, Education
“The entitlement of First Nations students to equal benefit in educational services: A policy analysis”

J. Paige Gregson, Applied Health Sciences
“Examining the impact of interpersonal coaching styles and mental imagery on motivation and performance in rugby using the Hierarchical Model of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation”

Chloe Hamza, Psychology
“Parental Monitoring and Adolescent Disclosure: A Longitudinal Examination of Adolescent Internalizing Behaviours”

Katie Hemsworth, Geography
“Acoustic Spatiality: Negotiating Urban Environments Through Sound”

Ewelina Niemczyk, Education
“Developing Research Leaders for Tomorrow: An Analysis of Graduate Research Assistantships”