E-Thesis Submission

Faculty of Graduate Studies

E-Thesis Submission

Deposit of Theses
A candidate submitting a thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements governing the award of advanced degrees must deposit the approved thesis with the Brock University Digital Repository before the degree will be conferred.
When the thesis is in its final form (following defence), has been approved by the graduate program, and meets FGS Thesis Format Specifications, the student will submit the thesis to the Brock University Digital Repository. The student must also submit to the Faculty of Graduate Studies the Certificate of Approval, the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Non-Exclusive License to Reproduce Theses, and the Brock University Thesis and Major Research Paper Copyright Licence.
Under certain circumstances, (e.g. to protect confidential commercial information, patentable material, pending application, or where immediate commercial publication is anticipated), a graduate student may request a restriction on the circulation of the thesis for up to a period of twelve months.

Here are the steps to follow to complete the electronic submission:
1. Review the following information

  • Check with your graduate program for thesis submission deadlines dates for theses submission in order to graduate at Spring or Fall convocation.
  • Review FGS eThesis Format Specifications, and any specific program/Faculty requirements.
  • Publication of your thesis by the university is a requirement of your degree.  If you have a publication pending, you may request a four month delay(from the date of submission) of web access/display of your thesis.  This option is available as part of the e-submission process.  Under certain circumstances (e.g to protect confidential commercial information, patentable material, pending application) the Dean of Graduate Studies may approve to delay the web access/display of your thesis for a period of up to twelve months from the date of successful defence.  The application for this request can be found in #3 below.
  • Instructions for depositing your thesis in the Brock University Digital Repository

2. Final approval

  • Ensure that your thesis has received final acceptance/approval by your Examining Committee and your graduate program before submitting electronically to the FGS for final approval. Theses will not be reviewed by the FGS if acceptance/approval of the thesis has not been received.

3. Print out, complete and submit all required forms to your Graduate Program who will then forward to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

4. Upload/submit your e-thesis

  • Submit ONE electronic copy of your thesis (PDF format only) and any supplementary files via the Brock University Digital Repository for review by the FGS.
  • Your thesis will be reviewed within a reasonable time frame (approximately five working days).
  • You will be contacted by e-mail after a review has taken place to advise you of any corrections that must be made prior to final approval.
  • Once your electronic submission is approved, you will be notified by e-mail.

5. Thesis Binding Options

Students and programs may wish to purchase bound theses. It is up to you to select a binding vendor yourself. There are numerous options on campus and elsewhere including print shops and professional binderies. The Library and Graduate Studies do not provide this service.