Research Café II Feb. 12, 2013

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Research Café II Feb. 12, 2013

 “Environmental Sustainability in a Changing Climate”

Looking past the thermometer reading on a scorching summer day, the far-reaching impacts of climate change are much greater than expected. The environmental and social repercussions of climate change — the long-term shift in weather conditions — ripple throughout the world challenging present energy needs, food supply, manufacturing processes, business operations, community interactions and day-to-day life that we take for granted.

Brock’s Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) is on the front line, nationally and internationally, connecting with industries, communities and government to look for answers and to create strategies to address pressing environmental challenges. The panel will provide a glimpse into the ESRC’s work to facilitate society’s transition to sustainability.


Ryan Plummer, Director, ESRC, and Professor, Tourism and Environment
“Pursuing Sustainability in a Complex World: Governance of social-ecological systems”
Watch his presentation

Julia Baird, Post-Doctoral Fellow and Associate with the ESRC
“Climate Change Adaptation Governance: A social network perspective”
Wacth her presentation

Sarah Merza, Honours Graduate, Biological Sciences
“The effects of simulated drought and heavy rainfall events on the growth and sexual reproduction of grass-leaved goldenrod”
Watch her presentation

Liette Vasseur, Professor, Biological Sciences, and ESRC associate 
“The importance of linking ecosystem to sustainability in resource-based communities: from Ontario to Atlantic Canada”
Watch her presentation

Debbie Inglis, Director, Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI), and Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
“Innovation, Integration, Adaptation: A winning response to climate change for the Ontario grape and wine industry”
Watch her presentation

Kerrie Pickering, MA Student, Geography, and project manager for the ESRC
“Assessing the adaptive capacity of the Ontario wine industry for climate change adaptation”
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Research Cafe II Feb. 12, 2013