2013 Faculty of Graduate Studies Distinguished Alumni Award

Faculty of Graduate Studies

2013 Faculty of Graduate Studies Distinguished Alumni Award


Dr. Jill Grose
PhD in Educational Studies (Educational Leadership and Policy)
Director, Centre for Pedagogical Innovation, Brock University

(Dr. Michael Plyley, Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, read the following citation in presenting Jill Grose with the 2013 Faculty of Graduate Studies Distinguished Alumni Award) 

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is very pleased to present Dr. Jill Grose with its inaugural Distinguished Alumni Award.

In honouring Jill today, we mark a new tradition in the Faculty as we celebrate the achievements and contributions of our graduate community in a way that reflects shared values in graduate education.

Jill’s contributions to the graduate experience at Brock are remarkable in that they have come as an administrator, an educator, and a researcher.

Jill has distinguished herself as a leader in teaching and learning at Brock over many years of dedicated service to the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation, formerly the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies.

Among Jill’s many achievements is her success in creating a robust Teaching Assistant program at Brock to support the professional development of hundreds of graduate students.

Through Jill’s vision, the outreach and services to graduate student TAs has evolved from a handful of workshops available 15 years ago to a choice of four distinct programs today.

The first program expansion that Jill put in place was a basic and advanced certification for graduate student TAs. To date, over 1,000 graduate students have received certificates.

In 2002, Jill turned her attention to implementing the Instructional Skills Workshop for Teaching Assistants. Brock is one of only a few institutions in Ontario to offer such a program to TAs. The ISW is considered one of the most successful approaches to pedagogy in post secondary institutions. Held over three days, it provides TAs with ways to develop and practice teaching skills in small groups.

Building upon those programs, Jill then established the Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum. This provides graduate student TAs an opportunity to document their ongoing professional development and augment it with classroom observation of university professors.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, she then established the Graduate Student TA Award to recognize excellence in graduate TAs.

Jill is breaking new ground this year as the developer and teacher of the first graduate course to be offered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies in partnership with CPI. The course focuses on helping graduate students as well as instructors explore the theories and practices of teaching in a post secondary environment.

As a teacher and facilitator, Jill has encouraged, mentored, and supported graduate students with her personal care and thoughtfulness. Graduate student TAs look to her as a role model for the best in teaching practice.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has also looked to Jill to provide leadership and expertise in establishing a wide range of professional development programming for graduate students. She has been invaluable to the process as the chair of the graduate student professional development committee that comprises representatives from various units across campus. She is respected for bringing to the conversation a vast knowledge of professional development through practice and her scholarly pursuits during her PhD studies.

In short, Jill Grose is a champion for graduate studies at Brock. Our community — faculty, students, and alumni — have benefited, and will continue to benefit, from her commitment to excellence in the graduate experience.


Dr. Jill Grose, Director, Centre for Pedagogical Innovation

Dr. Jill Grose, Director, Centre for Pedagogical Innovation