Graduate Studies – the future Brock 2014

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies – the future Brock 2014

At Brock, the continued expansion and diversification of graduate programming is critical

The University’s academic plan, Brock 2014, sets out the following objectives for graduate studies:
• to expand graduate programming commensurate with the University’s areas of research strength, particularly at the PhD level
• to expand the number of applied programs at the graduate level in response to University research strengths and demonstrated social need
• to increase the proportion of graduate students to 10 per cent of the full-time equivalent (FTE) student population by 2014


• to diversify international recruitment and increase the proportion of international students to 30 per cent of the FTE graduate population by 2014
• to increase graduate endowments to support both entrance fellowships and “top-up” scholarships, in order to attract and retain excellent graduate students
• to extend minimum guaranteed graduate funding to full-time graduate students in all Faculties at competitive levels
• to expand professional development opportunities for graduate students through professional training, internships and related community engagement activities

Brock 2014 - Knowledge, Engagement, Transformation