Direct2U Prescription Service

Direct2U Prescription Service

Brock GSA is pleased to offer a service that will give you enhanced coverage on your prescription medications plus save you money and time by having them delivered right to campus!

The Direct2U Prescription service is available to ALL graduate students at Brock University and will allow you to get your prescriptions, for a lower cost, delivered to the GSA Office, the next business day – at no additional cost!

Having your prescription delivered by Direct2U is easy. Just simply have your doctor write your phone number on your prescription and have them fax it to 1-877-835-8329

Your doctor’s office (or Brock Student Health Services) will assist you with faxing your prescriptions. Just ask them! When Alliance Pharmacy (the pharmacy behind Direct2U) receives your prescription, they will call your provided phone number and gather any necessary information. If you like, you can send them your info ahead of time by using the Direct2U Registration form at:

Have a prescription already located at another pharmacy?

Register for Direct2U online ( and Alliance will arrange to have your prescription transferred from any pharmacy (some restrictions may apply). The next time you need a refill, just give Alliance a call and they will send you a new batch (or opt into their Refill Reminder Service and they will contact you!)

How will Direct2U save you time?

Your prescriptions will be delivered via FedEx Priority Overnight Service to the GSA Office. That means after your prescription has been received by Alliance, your medications will be at the GSA Office the next business day. Instead of riding the bus to the pharmacy and waiting a half-hour for your medications, you will be able to receive your prescriptions on your way to and from class.

If you are not on campus, or located in another city, you may have your prescriptions delivered to the closest FedEx depot or Canada Post location via Xpresspost. Direct2U can deliver to any location in Canada!

When it comes to speaking to a pharmacist? Alliance Pharmacy has pharmacists ready to assist you at any time, just call 1-877-796-7979. If you are on a tight schedule, you can book an appointment for them to call when it is convenient for YOU!

How will Direct2U save you money?

If you are on the Brock GSA Health plan, you will be covered at 100% for eligible generic drugs, and 80% for eligible brand name drugs through Direct2U.


Traditional Pharmacy

Direct2U Prescriptions

Eligible Generic Drugs



Eligible Brand Name Drugs



What if I opted out of the GSA health plan, can I still use Direct2U?

Yes, all students can use Direct2u with their own plans. All other students who use Direct2U, but are not on the Brock GSA plan will save money using this service. Prescriptions will cost less because Alliance Pharmacy’s dispensing fees and drug costs are below the average you normally pay – which allows them to pass on the savings to you. There is no cost to activate your membership and no additional cost for them to deliver your prescription on campus!

If you need more information on the Direct2U Prescription service, please contact Barb at the GSA office or use the Live Chat at  See video for more detail on Student VIP services.




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