Conference Funds

Conference Funds

GSA assists a limited number of students per fiscal year with conference funds to offset the travel and other conference related costs of the student. Currently, GSA has conference funding in two categories, both of which you apply for after you have attended the conference.


GSA Conference Funding Assistance

Value: $100
No. of Awards: 10 per term
Application deadline: 4:00 pm the first Monday in April, August, & December.

The GSA will attempt to provide financial assistance for students who have attended academic conferences/competitions during the term (Fall, Winter, Spring) for which funding is being sought. Proof of conference registration & attendance will be required before financial assistance is granted. Every effort must be made to seek financial assistance from other sources, such as your department, your faculty and conference organizers.

Applications must be submitted to the GSA Office (MC C302).  If office is closed, please put under the office door.

Download the application form from here.


Brock University Conference Assistance

Value: up to $250 per academic year
No. of Awards: all qualified applicants
Application deadline: 4:00 pm the first Monday in April, August, & December.

This award is sponsored by Brock University and administered by the GSA. The award provides financial assistance to graduate students who have presented original work at an academic, professional or quasi-academic gathering. To be eligible to receive funds from BUCA, applicants must use Brock institutional campaign materials such as PowerPoint templates, font, logos for posters or any other Brock branded promotional item and provide proof. An amount of up to $1,000 per term will be divided equally among all qualified applicants, although no applicant will receive more than the sum of their submitted receipts, as it is a reimbursement of expenses. A GSA member may claim up to $250 per academic year from BUCA and may only claim funds from BUCA once per conference. Please see the full eligibilities for this award by downloading the file below.

Applications must be submitted to the GSA Office (MC C302).

Download the application form from here

Download eligibility criteria

Download Brock Powerpoint template 1
Download Brock Powerpoint template 2

Other Conference Funding Assistance Sources

You can explore the following options for additional conference funding assistance:

    Your Graduate Program Director, Administrative Assistant, and graduate program handbook to determine the funds available through your faculty, program, Dean, or Chair.

    Ask your supervisor(s) if they have any funds available to support you with your conference travel expenses.

    Brock's Faculty of Graduate Studies will reimburse full-time Masters Students as well as full-time and part-time Doctoral students who are conference presenters up to $300 per fiscal year.  This Travel Expense Reimbursement is contingent upon securing other forms of financial support - see details.



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