2013 Spring/Summer Graduate Tuition & Related Fees

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2013 Spring/Summer Graduate Tuition & Related Fees

Tuition fees are approved by the Brock University board of Directors, in accordance with the tuition policy set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Tuition is assessed at differentiated rates between:

  • first and continuing year of study
  • degree type and International student programs (ISP)
  • domestic and international (visa) students

The fee information is provided for illustrative purposes for typical situations. The actual fees assessed may vary from these schedules.

MA, MSc, MBE, MEd (Research Based Route)*, and PhDFor these programs, tuition fees are charged on a per term basis:


Full time student fees per term
MA, MSC, MBE, MEd (research stream) and PhD in Arts or Science
PhD in Education
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5 $2,336.61 $2,406.72
Year 6 $2,250.08 $2,317.59
Upper Year Continuing $2,166.74 $2,231.70


Part time student fees per term
MA, MSC, MBE, MEd (research stream) and PhD in Arts or Science
PhD in Education
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4 $1,213.24 $1,249.64
Year 5
Year 6 $1,125.04 $1,158.80
Upper year continuing
$1,083.37 $1,115.85


* MEd Note: Students choosing a Research Based Route will be charged on a per term basis.

MEd (Course Based Route)*, MAcc, MBA, MADS
For these programs tuition is charged on a per credit basis. Fees listed below are shown at a half credit rate.  A full credit course will be charged two times the half credit rate.  A quarter credit course will be charged at half the half credit rate.

Tuition fees per half credit
MEd (course based)**
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4 $717.00 $1,031.52 $905.17 $1,326.61
Year 5 $690.44 $993.31 $871.97 $1,277.48
Year 6 $664.86 $956.52 $839.98 $1,277.48
Upper year continuing

*MEd Note:  Students choosing to complete their degree requirements via the course based route will be charged on a per credit basis.

**The per half credit amount listed for Masters of Education includes some per credit ancillary fees.  Please refer to the Ancillary fee section that follows.

First Draft Fee for MA, MSc, MBE, MEd (Research route) and PhD Programs:
Full-time and part-time students (Domestic and Visa) who have completed all course work and have submitted the first draft of their major essay or thesis will pay $345.94 per term.  The thesis or major paper must be completed within the academic term for which the first draft fee is assessed.

Continuous registration fee for MEd students completing a degree in accordance with the 2008-09 or prior calendar
All students (part- and full-time, domestic and visa) with registration in EDUC 5F95, 5P90 or 5P93 ongoing after the term of first registration will be charged a continuous registration fee of $345.94 per term following initial registration.

International Cohort Program Tuition
Graduate International Cohort program fees are charged on a program basis, in Canadian Funds. Note that all applicable ancillary fees will apply for each registered term in addition to the program fee.


Program Fees (subject to Board of Trustee approval)
Master of Education (ISP)
International Master of Accountancy
Master of Business Administration (ISP)
Master of Arts in Linguistics (TESL) (Bridged Entry)


Ancillary Fees
Note that applicable sessional ancillary fees are non-refundable upon withdrawal.

Sessional Ancillary Fees
These fees are assessed based on full- or part-time status in a session. Most ancillary fees are mandatory. These fees are governed by an Ancillary Fee Protocol established between the University and the Graduate Students' Association.

Health Services Fee
Covers the operating costs of Student Health Services on Campus. Non-refundable.
Domestic Full-Time
International Students (Full- or Part-Time)
Mandatory health insurance for International Students only (those not covered under OHIP).
International Student
$684.00 per calendar year    (generally charged in Fall for September-August)
Athletics Fee
Charged per term except for Master of Education
Part-Time $6.82
MEd fee included in per half credit tuition noted above $8.46

Recreation Facilities Fee
Supplements department of Recreation Services to provide increased programming, recreational time, and employment for Brock students.

Full-Time (per term)


Part-Time (per term) $2.12



Zone Fitness Centre Fee
Allows graduate students access to the Zone Fitness Centre

Full- or Part-time students (per term)



The following sessional ancillary fees are administered by the Graduate Students' Association. Please contact the GSA for details.


Graduate Students Association Fee
Fee charged per term to fund the Graduate Students' Association. The GSA represents the interests of all graduate students at Brock University, and is administered by an executive elected each April for the coming year. At registration, all graduate students at Brock become members of the GSA by virtue of the association fee paid.
Full-Time (per term)
Part-Time (per term) $6.00